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Newsletter 2013

2013 – The Changing Times Newsletter

January – New Ways to Teach Motivational Interviewing

February – Are You Trained in Motivational Interviewing?

March – Beware of the “Righting Reflex”!

April – Finding One’s Core Goals and Values

May –  Making Meaning and Double-sided reflections

June –  Two Important Sets of Skills in Motivational Interviewing Part 1

July –  Two Important Sets of Skills in Motivational Interviewing Part 2

August – Do’s and Dont’s in Motivational Interviewing

September – Motivational Interviewing and the “Guiding Style”

OctoberMI is a Revolutionary Way to Action

NovemberSo You’ve Had an Intro to MI Training; What Now?

DecemberUsing MI to Promote Change in Yourself


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