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  • I’m Dr. Ellen Glovsky, and I can help you learn the spirit and techniques of MI to become more effective at fostering change in health behavior. Schedule a free complimentary 20-minute session to discuss how Motivational Interviewing can help bring in more revenue for your business (781) 890-1618

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  • Are you a health care, social services, or criminal justice provider who is frustrated by not being able to MAKE people change in a positive direction?

  • Motivational Interviewing might be the answer you are looking for. We offer custom trainings, designed for your staff, setting, and your budget.

  • Our training is delivered via in-person workshops, by live and recorded webinar, as well as individual and small group coaching.

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Who Would Benefit?

We offer MI training, tutoring, coaching and consultation to health care providers including physicians, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists...

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In What Settings is MI Used?

MI has been used effectively in a wide variety of health care settings. MI has been incorporated into the treatment of many medical and social issues, including….

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What Types of Training are Available?

Our Team offers training in MI in a variety of settings which includes in-person workshops, teleconferences or via Skype. We will evaluate and consult with your organization to determine the most effective and cost-efficient means for you and your staff to learn MI skills.

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“I attended Ellen Glovsky's Motivational Interviewing Workshop in April at Northeastern University. I want to share with you how this workshop will stand out in my mind as one of the most worthwhile and professionally relevant workshop I have attended to date." (Continued, please click Read More Below)

Judi L. Hindman, MSW, MPH, CPT

Nutrition & Fitness Advisors

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