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Teaching Dietetic Interns What They Won’t Need to Unlearn

One of my favorite Motivational Interviewing Workshop trainings I do all year is for the dietetic interns of eastern MA.  I was trained in Boston in 1971, and would have benefited greatly from a workshop such as the one I now provide. I was taught to teach […]

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Do I Really Get to Eat What I Want?

Ideas about nutrition and dieting are a common topic of conversation in my life.  Once people find out what I do for a living, they often want to tell me about their struggles with diet, food, and their weight.  I try not to miss a chance to […]

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[Guest Blog] “It Worked Before…” by Aaron Flores, RDN

It’s something I hear all the time as people come into my office or talk to me about losing weight.  They say, “Well I just need to go back to what I was doing a couple of years ago, it worked before…”  There are, of course variations […]

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What If You Ask for Permission and Don’t Get It?

In MI training, we emphasize asking permission, before you offer unasked for advice or change the subject.  The obvious question, then is what happens if the client’s answer is NO? Here’s an opportunity to make a real connection with the client.  A simple response is “Thank you, […]

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My Lunch with “The Girls”

This week I had the pleasure of having lunch and a reunion with 5 friends from high school.  To give you an idea of our age, we graduated in 1966.  We were eating in a relatively new restaurant several of us wanted to try. The owner is […]

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Weight Watchers or “Self-Compassion” – Guest Blog Post by Jean Fain

Weight Watchers or “Self Compassion”? This was originally published in the CommonHealth Blog of WBUR, Boston’s NPR radio station.  This article is in response to the death in April of Jean Nidetch, the founder of Weight Watchers.  This article was written by my friend and colleague, Jean […]

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Knowing When You are Hungry

Knowing When You are Hungry How do you know when you are hungry, physically hungry?  For some people, the answer is obvious.  For others, it’s a dilemma because they are so far removed from their physical sensations or so used to ignoring them, that they really don’t […]

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Using Your Hunger and Fullness Signals to Manage Your Weight

Using Your Hunger and Fullness Signals to Manage Your Weight Whether you want to lose weight or maintain the weight you’re at, you have the internal mechanism to tell you when to eat and when to stop.  The truth is that this internal “regulator” is the most […]

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Nutrition Scams and Quackery

Let’s begin with some general ideas about these ads. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably not true. If an ad for a product promises to solve a problem or cure an illness no one else has been able to cure, be suspicious. The […]

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What is Accurate Empathy?

What is accurate empathy?  It’s two components… Carl Rogers and Bill Miller describe accurate empathy as “an active interest in, and effort to understand the other’s internal perspective, to see the world through her or his eyes and the conviction it is worthwhile to do so”. As […]

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