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ISSUE #9 - October 2012

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October 22 - Lecturer at the National Society for Genetic Counselors Conference, Boston, MA

November 4 - Workshop for Gaucher disease patients, “Empower Yourself, Change Your Life” National Gaucher Foundation, Pittsburgh, PA

November 10 - Workshop Trainer, MI for Health Behavior Change, CT - Children's Medical Center, East Hartford, CT

November 29 - Workshop Trainer, Cambridge Health Alliance, Cambridge, MA

December 5 and 6 - Workshop trainer, MI for Health Behavior Change, Medical Care Development, Portland, ME

December 8 - Lecture at Harvard University Eating Disorders Annual Conference, MI and Eating Disorders

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The Business of Changing Behavior with Dr. Ellen

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Learn the basics of Motivational Interviewing and its application to health behavior change counseling

Discover the spirit and techniques of Motivational Interviewing including:

  • The guiding, collaborative style of Motivational Interviewing 
  • Dealing with the “righting reflex” and client resistance
  • Identifying and responding to change talk
  • Using the Decisional Matrix and Importance/Confidence techniques

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Feature Article: Empower Yourself, Change Your Life    

The Changing Times

Motivational Interviewing for Positive Behavior Change

Dear Friend,

Recently I have discovered a new way to use my skills as a Motivational Interviewing trainer.  I’m really very excited about this!  I have adapted my MI trainings for professionals for use with lay people, and this has been very successful.  I traveled to Philadelphia last week to provide a workshop, Empower Yourself, Change Your Life, for patients and their families.  I was somewhat anxious about doing this, since it’s really an adaptation of MI, but it was very well received.  Participants told me it really helped them to think about their lives and the process of changing things that would improve the quality of their lives.

This new way of using my MI training skills is really quite wonderful, and gives me an opportunity to be creative with my professional skills!

Ellen Glovsky Signature

P.S. I stated in my September newsletter that I would cover Part 2 of The 4 Processes of Motivational Interviewing. I discussed the first two processes, Engaging and Evoking and was to discuss the last two processes, Focusing and Planning in the October newsletter. However, I was so thrilled to bring you lessons from my Empower Yourself, Change Your Life workshop, I decided postpone Part 2 and revisit this topic in the November newsletter.  

As always, please feel free to email me with any questions. ~Ellen~ 

Empower Yourself, Change Your Life

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I have done some training work for Genzyme, Inc., training their genetic counselors and patient liasons.  Genzyme manufactures medications to treat genetic diseases such as Gaucher, Fabrey and Pompe diseases.  These are inherited disorders of metabolism that cause a variety of problems, including bone and joint pain, weak or fragile bones, easy bleeding and bruising, anemia and fatigue.  These physical problems can cause serious pain and disability.  The medications only stop the progression of these disorders, but don’t cure them, so patients must continue to use the meds for a lifetime.  Genzyme has hired me to train these professionals in Motivational Interviewing, and this training has been extremely well received.

Recently I was hired by the National Gaucher Foundation to adapt the MI training for patients and families, and did the first such program last week. (Here's the link to the event brochure) I talked with them about How to talk with yourself about change, and about the spirit of MI, including being gentle with yourself about changing behavior.  We did several exercises together, including asking them to write about something they have successfully changed already.  I asked them to write about the process of change, and who or what helped them to be successful.  Participants then shared some of what they wrote, and discussed ways to be successful in changing behavior.

We did several other exercises, all designed to help participants clarify their goals regarding possible changes about which they feel ambivalent.  I pointed out that most of us have things we think we should change, but haven’t changed yet, that is something we are ambivalent about. We explored some of these possible changes and examined our long term goals and values to see if these proposed changes fit with those values. I describe one of these exercises in my blog below or you can click here, if you would like more information on this.

You are welcome to use Dr. Glovsky's articles in any of your own publications provided you copy the following into the article: "Dr. Ellen Glovsky is a Registered Dietitian and Motivational Interviewing trainer. She is on the faculty of Northeastern University in Boston, MA, where she teaches courses in nutrition, public health and MI. Her website, newsletter, and blog are at Training With Dr. Ellen."

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From the Training with Dr. Ellen Blog

Using Powerful Activities in Workshops for the Public

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In this newsletter, (October), I wrote about using MI in working with lay audiences, and the types of workshop activities I used in the workshop I conducted in September.

The main activity we did together that was extremely well received is the Values Card Sort. At the end of this article are links to the materials and instructions for doing this exercise with a group.

Briefly, each person is first asked to think about a goal they have in mind for the immediate future. This can be a change in behavior, or some other thing they would like to accomplish. Each person is then given a baggie containing a set of 90 cards, with possible values that people might have printed on them. The first three cards say “Very Important To Me”, “Important To Me” and “Less Important To Me”. The other cards have value statements such as “Achievement: to have important accomplishments”, “Caring: to care for others”, “Comfort: to have a pleasant and comfortable life”.

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Training With Dr. Ellen
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Training With Dr. Ellen

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