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ISSUE #12 - December 2012

Are you looking for a great holiday gift for a colleague or an employer?

I am offering my Introduction to Motivational Interviewing DVD at a special price.

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Where is Dr. Ellen?

I'm taking some time off in December to spend with my family. We have a new grandbaby on the way! 

Brand New Workshop Announced

 “Motivational Interviewing and Health Behavior Change”, April 13, 2013 in Boston, MA.  Watch this newsletter for details on how to register.

Please email Dr. Ellen with any questions.

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A teleclass with Coach Jean Caton of The Profitable Woman. Click the audio link below and hear How I turned Motivational Interviewing into a Business

The Business of Changing Behavior with Dr. Ellen

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Introduction to Motivational Interview DVD available!

Learn the basics of Motivational Interviewing and its application to health behavior change counseling

Discover the spirit and techniques of Motivational Interviewing including:

  • The guiding, collaborative style of Motivational Interviewing 
  • Dealing with the “righting reflex” and client resistance
  • Identifying and responding to change talk
  • Using the Decisional Matrix and Importance/Confidence techniques

Email to Order or at  (DVD102)


If you would like Dr. Ellen to speak at your next event, please contact

CT Children's Medical Center, Hartford, CT

Dr Ellen teaching Motivational Interviewing and Health Behavior Change at Connecticut Children's Medical Center, Hartford, CT, November 2012

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From Dr. Ellen's Blog: Labeling Patients/Clients as “Non-Compliant 

Quick Announcement:  Changes to 'The Changing Times'  

The Changing Times

A Look Back At 2012: What I’ve Learned About Motivational Interviewing 

Dear %$firstname$%,

One of the things I like most about being a Motivational Interviewing trainer is that I get to talk about one of my favorite topics with other interesting people on a regular basis.  That topic is behavior change; how do we stimulate, motivate, and help others to make decisions about change (or no change) that are best for them.  Notice I didn’t say just “best”, which implies that I know what would be best for them!  The focus of MI is helping people decide what they want to do, and what is realistic for them in the context of their lives.

Here are a few things I’ve learned this year about MI, about behavior change, and about being an MI trainer.

  • The participants in my MI workshops are really the experts in their own lives and work.  In MI we emphasize that our patients/clients are the experts in their own lives.  I’ve learned that my trainees are also the experts in their professional lives and what works best for them as professional agents of change.
  • I as a trainer cannot make trainees want to learn MI, any more than clinicians can make their patients/clients change their behavior.  Often there are people who are required to attend the workshop, and sometimes they become engaged as we get going, and sometimes they don’t.  While it’s much more fun for me to teach people who are engaged with me in the learning process, it’s really not about me.
  • If I am paying attention, the participants in my workshops teach me at least one new thing every time.  It’s really pretty amazing, and proves to me that people really are the experts in their own lives!
  • In my training to teach others how to use MI I was taught that the most important aspect of training is the trainer.  That’s because while the trainer is lecturing, showing video clips, organizing practice exercises and coaching participants in the techniques of MI, he or she is modeling the spirit and technique of Motivational Interviewing.  I am keenly aware during my workshops that my use of MI techniques and approaches is influencing the learning.  It feels wonderful when participants tell me they understand how it works by listening to me, and via the coaching I incorporate into the workshops.

I look forward to my seventh year as an MI trainer.  I have been privileged to work with many diverse organizations, including health care providers, quality assurance groups, non-profit groups that support clinicians, insurance providers, companies in the pharmaceutical industry, academic institutions, and professional organizations conducting conferences and colloquia. 

Thanks to everyone who I’ve worked with this year, for providing opportunities for others to learn the essential spirit and technique of Motivational Interviewing.

It has been a gift to work with you!

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From The Training with Dr. Ellen Blog

Doctor with Patient

Labeling Patients/Clients as “Non-Compliant

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There’s an expression in traditional medical practice, which also includes nurses, dietitians, physical therapists, pharmacists and other providers who work with patients.  Those who don’t take their medicines as prescribed, eat the right diet, exercise, and do all the other things we are told to do for our health.  For many, this becomes a really complicated and time-consuming set of behaviors people must master.

Patients who don’t do everything they are told to do are called “non-compliant”.  I find this such a condescending label, really making the other person wrong. I think having compassion for the patient’s life, values and goals is key.  In Motivational Interviewing, compassion is part of the spirit of MI.  This means putting yourself in the other’s place and understanding things from his/her point of view.

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Changes to 'The Changing Times'

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I am excited to announce a few changes to my newsletter, 'The Changing Times'. I will be using a new email program to accomodate an ever-growing list of subscribers along with offering a more streamlined format.  

I think you will like the new look and feel of 'The Changing Times'. I'll be looking for your feedback. 

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Dr. Ellen


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