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Training Packages

Tutoring and Coaching in MI for Health Care Professionals

Tutorials and Coaching in MI are tailored to your individual needs.

We begin with a consultation to assess your level of skill and training needs.  This generally takes a 30-60 minute conversation, which can be by telephone, Skype or in-person.  We will create a plan together that will help improve your MI confidence and skill.

Cost: Will vary, depending upon your needs. Contact Dr. Ellen for pricing.

Package #1: Develop your MI Skill Set

This approach is best for professionals who have attended one or more lectures on MI or have read about MI, but who have not participated in a workshop which includes opportunities to practice.

  1. During the consultation described above, we will discuss your experience and what help you feel you need to progress in your skill in MI.  Activities may include telephone or Skype conversations about your experience and areas with which you feel you need help or practice.  Your individualized plan may include further reading, practice with a workbook, viewing of video clips online, discussion with Dr. Glovsky, and role playing by phone or Skype.
  2. When you feel you are ready, you can submit a recording, as noted in package #2.

Cost: Will vary, depending upon your needs.  Contact Dr. Ellen for pricing.

Package #2: Improve your skill set in MI

This approach is generally for professionals with some training in MI, at least 1 full day of training, or its equivalent, in which you have had an opportunity to practice MI skills.

Following the Assessment described above, here is the process:

  1. You submit a 20-30 minute recording of you with a patient/client, or a role play of such a session.
  2. I will rate this recording using the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity (MITI) instrument, the standard way of rating MI competence.
  3. You will receive a written review of your work, including areas in which your use of MI spirit and techniques is good, as well as those areas that could use improvement.
  4. This is followed by a 30 minute telephone or Skype conversation to review these recommendations.

Cost: Contact Dr. Ellen for pricing.

**We find that competence and self-confidence increases with each rating session.

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