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picture of Suzanne Blake“Ellen is a master at delivering content rich and interesting programs about Motivational Interviewing. Her insightful and detailed presentation added great value to my current coaching and counseling repetoire. I highly recommend her as a Motivational Interviewing specialist. Additionally, I have referred clients to her for her innovative approach to weight management and a “non-diet” approach. Ellen is a gifted coach/clinician-her weight management clients learn to make peace with food and see tremendous results!”

Suzanne Blake, PCC
President, Blake Coaching and Consulting
Professional Certified Executive, Career and Business Coach
Leadership Development Training and Consulting

Picture of Midge Callahan“In all my years of continuing education and attending workshops related to my field, few presenters have impressed me as much as Ellen.  She is charismatic in her delivery, extraordinarily articulate, sensitive to her audience and a joy to list to and learn from.”
-Midge Callahan, School Counselor



“The first time I heard Dr. Glovsky talk about motivational interviewing in 2007, it was the first time I ever found myself nodding along to a lecturer. Everything she shared made perfect sense; she was letting us in on the key to successful nutrition counseling and I recognized immediately the value of her guidance and expertise. As I began implementing her tips, my clients opened up, became more engaged in our sessions, and increased their change talk. I cannot overstate how important motivational interviewing has been to building my practice and what a great professional mentor Dr. Glovsky has been to me.” ~Jonah Soolman, RD, LDN, ACSM-HFS, NSCA-CPT

Soolman Nutrition and Wellness LLC.

“Ellen’s presentation style is excellent and very engaging.  Her handouts along with the Power Point presentation and video clips were very helpful.”

~Cambridge Health Alliance Workshop Participant

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Judi L. Hindman, MSW, MPH, CPT“…Ellen presents a tool for behavioral change and relationship building whose value and utility spans the full range of human interaction.  Her knowledge of the material is flawless, her presentation combines her unusual skill for connecting with workshop participants while presenting the material in an accessible and universal way.  I urge you both to take advantage of this special opportunity to expand both your personal and professional skills.”




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