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MI Trainings Offered

MI Workshop Trainings We Offer

All MI trainings are planned with at least three basic modes of instruction.  These include

  • Lecture using Power Point slides;
  • Viewing of video clips demonstrating “how to” and “how not to”;
  • Practice activities with trainees either playing themselves or role playing a client/patient, and
  • Group discussion specifically around problem-solving in participants’ settings.

Motivational Interviewing: the Basics

These workshops offer the best in current practice of MI using cutting edge approaches to teaching and training the spirit and skills of MI.  This training can be offered in different lengths, from a half-day, 3 hour session, to a 2-day session. It is designed for professionals who have little to no experience with MI, or those who wish to refresh their MI skills.  Participants can expect to leave such trainings with an understanding of the basic spirit of MI, and with the longer sessions, proficiency in one or more of the MI techniques.

Motivational Interviewing and Dietary Behavior Change

This workshop can be offered either as a Basic Training, or Advanced Training, as described below.  The focus of these sessions is on dietary change, using examples and role plays familiar to those professionals who work with clients/patients fostering change in diet.

Motivational Interviewing: Intermediate to Advanced Trainings

These workshop trainings are designed specifically for the setting in which they are offered.  They are for professionals who have had some hands-on MI training, or have completed at least some online training and independent study via printed material or online reading.  Advanced trainings include more hands-on practice with coaching and supervision offered by Dr. Glovsky.

On-Going Coaching and Supervision

This approach to on-going training is done in either small groups or one-to-one, and is tailored to the setting in which it is provided.  Participants will be asked to audio tape themselves with a client/patient or someone role playing a patient, and the group will work together to critique and support the professional in improving MI skills.  These supervision sessions also include group discussion and brainstorming solutions to problems facing them.

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